The Art of Patisserie, Cake & More

Almond Bakery opened in 1968 as a relatively small-scale family run bakery in Homs, Syria. With 65 employees and many of the products being manually produced. Almond Bakery began business by supplying Homs region with bakery, pastries, bread, ice cream, sweets and confectionery.
In 2014, Almond opened a second branch in Erbil, Iraq with 35 employees and diverse products in bakery and pastry as well as offering catering services for events such as weddings, engagement and birthday parties.
Our range of products has diversified and expanded to meet the needs of the growing customer base. Almond Bakery now produces 2,500 different types of bakery items, breads, pastries, confectionary, muffins, cakes, ice cream and are just a fraction of the variety of products. Even with a large product base we still surpass our competitors with superior customer satisfaction and consistently excellent quality of goods.
Our vision of is to provide an increasing portfolio of high quality, speciality products in the market, whilst maintaining excellent customer satisfaction in every interaction.
The bakery consists of ultra-modern, state of the art, fully and semi-automated production lines and is operational on a daily basis, 365 days a year, with the capacity to produce large volumes of products each and every day. Our superb team of highly trained employees ensure that all goods are produced and distributed fresh to our customers.
Almond Bakery strives to stay ahead of the competition and our research and development teams are continuously working and innovating to bring new products into the region. Investments made in research and development have meant that Almond Bakery are leaders across the country in the development of new speciality bakery and pastry products

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